Your passport to a region of untapped potential

In a part of the world where innovation meets centuries-old traditions, culture and heritage, new gateways to commerce are swinging open. If you are ready to step into this dawning era of opportunity, and share a vision of peace, stability, security and prosperity, the RGCA membership is your passport to a region of untapped business potential.

A visionary new network for EMEA business

Regional and Global Collaborations and Alignments (RGCA) is a business-making entity that advocates a new vision for the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Gulf and beyond. We introduce a new culture in building sustainable cooperation and promoting economic activity to the best interest of the countries and the people in the region. Our mission is to develop an excellent network for the best opportunities in various sectors. RGCA is driven by values. Our team comprises of dedicated and experienced people who have the sense of strong commitment and responsibility. We initiate projects in line with the strategic goals and priorities of all countries involved on equal footing and we support the development of healthy and valuable business, financial and diplomatic relations.

We break new paths in entrepreneurial partnerships and joint ventures, while we focus on innovative ideas, new technologies and emerging markets. RGCA gives access into a premium package of services and privileges. We help our clients to meet their goals and determine the right path to success. Our members enjoy exclusive benefits including access to RGCA Councils, original content through our portals, specialized analysis and reports.

Elias Spyrou,

RGCA Founder & President